Trent PehrsonTrent Pehrson,
Language Creator

Trent Pehrson is a systems analyst and computational linguist with extensive experience in calligraphy and constructed language creation (conlang). Aside from his own conlang called Idrani, Trent has created several others including two for novelists. Trent has rubbed shoulders with the likes of David Peterson, language creator for Game of Thrones, and Briton Watkins, alien language coach for Star Trek: Into Darkness. Participating on The Secret King is a great pleasure for Trent. He enjoys collaboration with other creative people.

Early in his pre-teen years, Trent began creating his first conlang. His favorite aspect of conlang is creating new writing systems (con-scripts). Over a period of three decades, he has created more than 57 original conscripts and created an entirely new orthographic category. He also enjoys doing calligraphy with his con-scripts.

During his university years, Trent won awards for his activities and research in linguistics. He has spent the last 20 years of his career in public education, and working in the private sector. He has written curriculum based on the practice of constructing a fictional language, and piloted it successfully with secondary students struggling in English and second language courses. Trent has written speech recognition, localization, and lexical software in the private sector. He also specializes in enterprise systems integration.

Trent lives in the state of Utah in the US with his wife and eight children. Family and family life are his most cherished treasures. He participates in several conlang-related Facebook groups, and enjoys meeting other conlangers there.

Patrick BowenPatrick Bowen,
Language Creator

Patrick Bowen is a British Student attending College for Computing & I.T. and A-Level Maths. In his spare time, he enjoys chatting online, going out with closest friends, and being an active member of the Reddit conlanging (constructed language creating) community.

Working along-side Dawn Chapman and Trent Pehrson, he has assisted in the usage of The Secret King's “Lacria,” developed by Trent Pehrson. Being on-hand within the project, is also an avid fan of the series, and has thoroughly enjoyed working so close with the team, and also having a few sneak peeks at the production.

Personally, he develops his own conlang, zaz, to be small and logical. Language always continues to intrigue him, and though monolingual, is looking to learn a natural language soon. Additionally spending time programming, he always looks to make his conlanging hobby easier by creating tools and small programs for his languages, including a translator and scripter.