Jaime BengzonJaime Bengzon,
Production Designer

With a total of 30 years' experience in Advertising, Filmmaking and Scriptwriting, Jaime Bengzon brings a multi-disciplinary approach to the visual side of The Secret King.

Under their pennames, he and Dawn had bumped into each other on different writing websites over the years. In 2012 Jaime returned to Visual Arts, his first love, and asked Dawn if she knew any writers who were interested in having their characters visualized.

Dawn was, and the rest, as they say, is history.

For the TSK "cast", Jaime prefers to start from the inside getting to know the characters through the source material, conversations with Dawn, and her notes. When something sparks he'll do a sketch, and send it off to Dawn for her feedback. More often than not they're in sync.

Jaime and his wife live happily in the Philippines.

Andrew Dodd

Andrew Dodd,
Sequential Artist

Almost a year before men landed on the moon Andrew Dodd was born. The world had already started to reach for the stars. With this back drop he became fascinated with the fantastic, wanting to understand and emulate everything around him.

He started drawing at the age of five, passed all of his exams at school, and sought to learn more and more about his environment. A passion for Biology and English Literature he searched for a direction, finding himself at college to do Graphic Design. Although this was a major mistake for him, he did find new and interesting friends that introduced him to the comics world. Inspired with the chance to work in this fantastic industry, he drew more and more to find his way into the industry. A brief but fruitful success taught him a multitude of technical skills.

When the bubble burst he moved on to portraits, caricatures, and blackboard displays, earning beer money as he went but finding the work frustratingly restrictive. Until, again, he discovered the stars once more in film and animation. His passion for illustrating and his search for self improvement has now opened a whole new world to explore. At present he is working on a portrait in acrylic, two comics strips, book illustrations, an animation in a manga style and a series of storyboards, whilst working a full time job in a warehouse to help make ends meet.

If you ever have doubts that there are no jobs out there for an artist, just ask Andy about it.